A Nature Based Business

Our business was designed around nature, with sustainable practice at its heart. From day one we incorporated ‘green’ practices into both how the business itself works and in all areas on site for guests.

By investing in this way, we try to:

  • lessen our environmental impact
  • demonstrate sustainable practice
  • enhance the environment around us
  • create a beautiful, relaxing natural site and
  • offer amazing sustainable holidays without compromising quality or luxury.

From our butterfly filled meadow and rare Arran whitebeam trees, to the abundant food forest garden and red squirrels around site, we hope you enjoy staying and engaging with your surroundings here. Lots of information is provided on what we do and tours are available.

On Site Features Include

  • solar lighting
  • luxury waterless compost toilets
  • log burning stoves for heat and cooking
  • all green electricity used site wide
  • recycling and composting of all green and organic waste on site
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging available (and we use EVs)
  • sustainable products used such as upcycled furniture and recycled plastic bins
  • ethical purchasing policy including buying from charities, fair trade products and local producers

Activities On Site Include

  • regenerative agriculture
  • a large food forest garden
  • bee keeping
  • rare Arran Whitebeam trees
  • enhancing the wildlife environment with our meadow, woodland and hedging
  • a willow den, wildlife rubbing trail and wildlife guides for kids and
  • tours and educational information available for visitors

Our Expertise

  • Green Tourism Gold Award Winner
  • Green Champion Business qualification
  • Open University Sustainability for Business qualification
  • ScotLAND accredited demonstration site for the Permaculture Association UK
  • AA top rated glamping site
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Fruit from wildlife hedges on site

Yurts set in mixed fruit orchard

Woodlands and waterways protected for wildlife

Rare temperate rainforests on Arran

Reducing and using recycled plastics

Waterless composting toilets

Green and organic waste composted on site

Regenerative agriculture practised

Green Tourism Gold accredited site

Our honey bees

Permaculture accredited site

EV charging available